Slides of my FMX 2013 presentation on Physically Based Shading

I was kindly invited by Wolfgang from Confetti FX to speak at the FMX 2013 conference about physically based shading (within the scope of the Real Time Rendering day). Since I remembered the FMX as a conference for visual arts, I made the presentation intentionally non-technical, for fear of alienating the listeners. In retrospect, my guess was a bit too conservative, as there were quite a number of programmers in the audience.

Screen Shot 2013-04-24 at 14.53.58

Nevertheless, here are the slides for download (with all notes included). The Keynote format is the original and the Powerpoint format was exported from that and is a little broken, so you should use the Keynote version if you can read it.

Download “FMX 2013 Slides (Keynote format)” – Downloaded 2174 times – 8 MB

Download “FMX 2013 Slides (Powerpoint format)” – Downloaded 3586 times – 8 MB

Velvet Assassin on Mac (Patch)

I just got news that Velvet Assassin has been ported over to the Mac and is available on the App Store! However, I was not at all involved in the Mac port and I don’t know the developers who did—it came as a surprise to me as to anyone else in the former team. Here is a direct iTunes link:

Shader Bug on ATI graphic cards

Unfortunately there is a shader bug with ATI graphics chips.  It happened to me while trying it out on a 2011 iMac with an ATI Radeon HD 5670. I got reports from friends that this is not a problem of the Mac port itself but it happens on PC too. The problem is related to ATI chips with drivers that are newer than 2010 or so. Here is a screenshot:

Screen shot 2013-01-11 at 04.09.06

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