The ‘mod­ern’ look­ing sans-serif font I use recent­ly in \LaTeX equa­tions on this blog is called ‘Com­put­er Mod­ern Bright’, and actu­al­ly is not so mod­ern at all: Designed by Wal­ter Schmidt in 1996, it is still to date the only free sans-serif font avail­able for \LaTeX with full math sup­port. Type-1 ver­sions of this font are avail­able in the cm-super pack­age, but I didn’t need to install any­thing, because appar­ent­ly, Quick­La­TeX has them already. The only thing to do was adding just one line to the pre­am­ble:

\usepackage{cmbright}   % computer modern bright

I also turned on the SVG images fea­ture that was added with ver­sion 3.8 of Quick­La­tex, so the equa­tions are no longer pixel­lat­ed on reti­na dis­plays or when zoom­ing in! Neat, huh?

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