Ego mecum conjungi …

… Twitter!


So out of a whim I just embarrassed myself and tried to write in (probably wrong) latin that I joined twitter. You can follow me under: @aries_code.

If you wonder how this came about, this was my train of thought:

  • Twitter has something to do with birds
  • Birds have fancy latin species names
  • The species name for Sparrow is Spasser domesticus
  • This doesn’t sound too fancy …
  • How do you say ‘I joined twitter’ in latin anyway?

But then I discovered that I am onto something: According to one argument, the brand name of Twitter should have been ‘Titiatio‘, had it existed in antiquity. And according to another argument, latin should be an ideal twitter language, because it is both short and expressive.

But I digress. If you are into computer graphics, then you know of Johann Heinrich Lambert, the eponym of our beloved Lambertian refelectance law. The book where he established this law, Photometria, is written entirely in latin—now this is hardcore!

So, now you know what to do if you want to stand out in your next SIGGRAPH paper …

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